11 good sites about art for when cocktail parties begin again

When folks ask me what I miss from the before times, there is no question: going to museums.

I’m not being pretentious, I swear. I’m just awkward and nervous around actual people, but art I understand. Or at least I like it anyway.

For a year or two ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, I had been going to museums on a regular basis and was really starting to know some of the better but not household name artists on sight. I took to keeping a running count of how many Picassos I saw in a given day.

One quick note before getting to the list: I would have loved to include this excellent long dead blog on here: Blog of an Art Admirer. It ran for 5 years, from 2009 to 2014, and then it just stops suddenly. Such a nice project.

Since it has a standalone URL that clearly someone is paying for, maybe there is hope that this blogger will return. It’s just the sort of site Elevenist is meant to help bloggers keep going by sustaining stickiness to their audience.

The gold old days. For those looking to stay in touch with the art world online, these 11 sites will help.