Getting started with designing a web app? These 11 sites will help get the UX right up front

It took me the longest time to even understand what user experience is.

Think of a car door. You might say that the handle is the user interface, but whether the door opens from the front, from back, above, below or just sort of disappears like something in a sci-fi movie: that’s the user experience (UX).

UX is one of the hottest topics in websites. Like over on Elevenist, our site, we are working on this right now. Do you, as a user, prefer for the site to open on the page that shows you stuff the community has bumped or do you prefer to see your own private space, with your own curated list of blogs? That’s an important UX question for us. We are working on it now.

Anyway, there are a lot of folks who have been doing this a long time and they are very generous with their insights. Check out this list of publications, personal blogs and company blogs on the topic.

This post is completely indebted to an awesome post we found from Stephanie Walter that lists a ton of UX sites she likes with their RSS feeds. So good! We curated our list of 11 from that much, much longer list (which includes a bunch of sites that are archives now).

We actually found it shortly after launching an Elevenist profile on Mastodon. If you are on Mastodon, feel free to hook up with us on there. We are posting most of our new blog posts there, plus news about how much the web sucks people’s souls out today.

If you’re not into Mastodon, though, hop right into this list of 11 UX sites: