Keep track of reddit along with the news — these are the top subreddits on the internet's front page

Reddit is a mood, and not everyone is in the mood for reddit.

But no shame on the folks who are. In fact, the folks here at Elevenist were excited to realize that the site works great with our service. If you love a specific subreddit but don’t want to bounce between Elevenist and reddit, subscribe to your favorite subreddit on Elevenist and keep track of its updates there.

All you have to do is add “.rss” to the end of any subreddit’s URL and it will populate nicely on your MINE page.

So, for example, the URL for /r/LifeProTips is https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/.

Just make that into: https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/.rss and drop it in on your MINE page on Elevenist. Then, the latest entries on the subreddit will show up amidst all your favorite blog and website updates.

A lot of people we show Elevenist to compare it to reddit, which is fair enough. We think we have a whole different thing going on, but it’s nice that the two sites complement each other. If you happen to love reddit, you might follow our subreddit as long as you are here. I run it and mostly post stories about how bad social media has become.

Ironic, obviously, but this is the world we live in.

If you like reddit

Just to make it easy, I’ve already added the top 11 subreddits by subscriber count to the site, and you can add them all right here (I left out the sub for reddit’s updates, because if you really love that sub you’re probably just living on reddit anyway).

I got this list from the website Reddit List.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about making this post. You know… reddit has this rep as a place for the very bro’y dude of a certain bent, but it pleasantly surprised us how high quality the topics were at the top of the list. In fact, an NSFW subreddit doesn’t show up on it until item 93, and it’s a legendary one. Still, only a little over three million subscribers, and that’s pretty low compared to the ones on this list.

My personal favorite subreddit has always been /r/privacy, and that’s why Elevenist is considerably more private than reddit. Still! Reddit can be fun if you’re into that kind of fun. Here’s some of that kind of fun: