It's too cold to go outside so stay in and read books recommended by these 11 review sites

As long as people have been writing on the internet, some users have liked to write about what they have been reading on paper.

Books, book reviewing, book writing and book discussion have always been a major topic online. The web is also where a certain class of thinker likes to report that no one reads books anymore — that person has recently published a book that no one read.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would not have ideas about what they should read next. There are just so many books! But only a handful of tomes are in the national or global conversation at any one time, so for readers who want to stay current on the books that the cool kids dig, book blogs are clutch.

Play your cards right (or add your feeds adroitly) and you can sound smart about books without reading most of them. Blogs like the ones below can help.