11 blogs to help you learn guitar

In my junior year of high school, I wanted to find a hobby. I had entered a period of inactivity, marked by doing very little besides attending school and playing Roblox. But I always enjoyed listening to music, and could be found on Spotify pretty much all the time.

In addition, my family was musically inclined, with my dad an ex-pro drummer and my brother playing guitar well. Since I had, in middle school, unsuccessfully attempted to learn the drums, I resolved to take up guitar. My bother gave me an old guitar and amp, and his former teacher, Tom, tutored me. But aside from the mentorship given to me by my brother and Tom, the most helpful thing in those early months of learning was the bountiful tutorials, tabs and advice available online.

Living in the era of the internet made it much easier to pick up and move past the basics of guitar, and in the interest of assisting those in a similar situation, here are 11 of my favorite sites to help readers learn to play the guitar: