11 good sources for updates about the Coronavirus pandemic

One way we can all feel a bit more in control during a terrible situation is to have good information.

So we scanned the web and looked for a wide array of resources that are covering the coronavirus pandemic in detail and made a list. This is our little contribution.

We intentionally left out some of the giant sources that basically everyone knows about (like The New York Times) and dug a little deeper. A couple items on this list take a dissenting view from the consensus position on the present disaster, but we hope readers will take that as we meant it: a way to gather as many vantages as possible.

The overwhelming majority of these sources are focused on the problem and getting the world to a solution, whether focusing on the day-to-day realities, news in treatment, regional news, policy or the dollars-and-cents needed to get humans through this human-made disaster.

Good luck getting through this everyone. It doesn’t look like it will be over soon, but it may be true that most of is it is behind us.