11 sites about climate change

Climate change may prove to be the defining issue of our age.

This writer is biased. I once did work on environmental issues. Those years showed me pretty convincingly that not only is this issue very real, but that dealing with it would make life much nicer. Green roofs alone would make city life much cooler (like, in the literal sense) and more pleasing to the eye.

And that’s just the beginning.

So here’s a bunch of sites that address climate change, including two that (in my view) are not on the side of the angels — just so folks can have access to all the takes. At Elevenist, we don’t really think folks should be afraid of viewpoints they disagree with or even find distastetul.

Climate change is one of those issues that nearly everyone cares about some, but it’s not the number one issue for hardly anyone. It really lends itself to a death by a thousand cuts situation, but these sites can help anyone stay on top of where ground has been gained (and lost).