11 economists who blog

Economists: They don’t just write unreadable texts in academic journals anymore. They blog.

In all honesty, economists took to blogging early, though not everyone has kept up with it. Those who remain often have very interesting thoughts about current affairs. The rest snipe on Twitter. A reader can do worse than getting an economist’s take on the hot issues of the day.

The field of economics is often treated like the weather: it’s this one big thing that happens out there. The truth is that working economists often disagree wildly on specific points and interpret past events quite differently. At the same time, there are ideas that have achieved a widespread consensus in the field (though not a perfect consensus). It can take a while to sort out quite what the points of agreement and continued contention are.

There’s a lot of nuance. These are 11 good sites that wade into these topics on a day-to-day (or at least a week-to-week) basis from folks who have earned their followings.