11 classic webcomics that are still running

Webcomics have seen better days.

In the 2000s, lots of artists made a living putting up strips a few times each week that scratched a similar itch to the stuff found in newspapers of yore. On the web, though, they faced fewer restrictions in terms of content, form or format. It was a rich period of experimentation where words met pictures.

Like so many things, social media screwed up the path to sustainability badly though. Folks got out of the habit of bopping over to their favorite sites when they needed to take a mental break at work.

In their time, webcomics allowed web denizens to take a mental break and laugh (usually), or they offered a new chapter in a story inching forward. Both were nice feelings.

Now we take mental breaks and get mad at each other.

Nevertheless, a lot of great O.G. webcomics have managed to hold onto enough readership to justify continuing to run. For anyone who would like that little dose of positive experience, subscribe to some of these webcomics on Elevenist and look forward to regular updates that will jog your head in a good way.