11 blogs from companies that make blogging software

There’s not a ton of diversity in blogging software anymore. The space is really dominated by Wordpress and Medium, but folks do keep banging out quirky new little twists on blogging tools. Here’s some of the quirky ones (mixed with some very normcore ones). And of course our list includes a way to subscribe to the blog that’s powered by their own product.

Here at Elevenist, we are big fans of self-hosted blogs. One never knows when a company will turn against its users and start denying them the right to publish. When they do, they never have bandwidth to explain their reasons.

We’ve seen it again and again as the web has gotten bigger: big blogging sites make it easier for writers to find readers, but if they go off script they start getting the boot. And the script changes! Better to just own your own piece of real estate, take the slow burn path to audience building and never fear getting the rug pulled.

Back in the day, bloggers used to band together and promote each other’s work and grow audience in a more peer-to-peer way. No reason that couldn’t still work. It’s slower, but the third party risk is much lower.