11 good blogs about blogging

So the whole point of the emoji news cranker, Elevenist, is for internet users to have one site they can go to and keep up with new post from the sites that interest them. Obviously, in many cases these will be blogs. We want to bring more attention to bloggers. We want to redirect some number of compelling internet characters from creating for social media and creating for internet real estate that he or she actually owns: a blog. A website. A URL that says ThisIsMine.com!


Elevenist should help such creators collect their followers together and help them to interact with each other in a way that increases the stickiness of their site and lots of similar sites besides. So, anyway, we are going to do these posts about sites to follow on Elevenist if you have a certain interest. Obviously there are other services you can use to follow such sites, but if you want to follow these sites with Elevenist, all you have to do is click the “subscribe” button right on this blog and (if you are logged into our site) it will be added to the sites you follow.

So a natural place to start is blogs about blogging. Here’s some sites that looked good to us: